SDS Driving School Manoeuvres

Emergency Stop This manoeuver is designed to teach you how to stop your car safely as quickly as possible. If a child runs out in front of your car, you don't want to be skidding and sliding all over the road.

Bay Parking This manoeuvre is one you'll use frequently as a driver. Reversing or foward into a parking bay at a supermarket or in a car park is a key skill, and learning to do it right will spare you a lifetime of people making jokes about your driving.

Parallel Parking An essential everyday skill which every driver needs to master in order to park safely on the road. A classic sign of an inexperienced or poor driver is the inability to park properly but assuming you can follow our basic instructions you'll never need to book a taxi to the curb again.

This is not done any more on test but we can and will still teach it Turn In The Road Your dad will probably call this a "three point turn" but luckily for passing your test you don't actually need to be able to do it in three. If you find yourself going the wrong way down a cul-de-sac then learning this simple manoeuvre will certainly save your blushes.

This is not done any more on test but we can and will still teach it Reversing Around A Corner Reversing around a corner to the left can be used as an alternative to doing a "three point turn" where the road is too narrow or overly busy, and is a key skill to learn in preparation for your driving test.

Pull up on the right this is a new one :) The reason for this is lots of pepole pull up on the right to go to the shops or to park out side a house 07766 661050 text or call