• 1 hour lessons on request
  • 1 ½ hours - £52
  • 2 hours - £6
  • Test day - £65 plus Dvsa fee £62

It's considered better to take two hour lesson rather than 1hr because it has been proven that you learn faster and get more hands on experience.

The DVSA say that most learner driver need on average 2hrs for every year of their life eg: 17 years old person needs around 34 hours of training to get to test standard. This is only a guide, we have seen pupils have anything from 10 hours to 100 hours, it all depends on the individual.

Block Bookings

  • 10 hours for £300 giving a discount of £1.50 per hour, an overall saving of £25
  • This is for Pre Paid lessons this means paid up front not i would like 10hrs discounted and pay at discounted rate each lesson )
  • Pass Plus

    A 6 hour course completed on one day for £240, with a discount of £20 if using your own car. Or over 3 x 2 hour lessons for £40 per hour.

    Pass Plus can give you discount on your insurance over the first 2 years of driving, ask your insurance company about a discount if you have taken Pass Plus.

    Refresher Lessons

    For pupils that have a full license but want motorway practice or just to brush up if not driven for some time - £40 per hour.

    Fleet Training

    Fleet training and assessments please call for price

    Motorway lesson

    motorway lesson £40ph with full license  as of the 4/6/18 new laws come in that learners are aloud to use the motorway if customer would like to do motorway lesson with in there lesson as a learn, please talk to you instructor about this. There is some rules for doing motorway lessons for learners and this is you must only do them in a ADi car. you are not aloud to do them in you own car ..

    Btec in driving

    Btec 1

    A course completed over weeks or 6 months, btec 1 is for anyone from the age of 14 up to starting to drive the course is done through email and a 45min assessment at home.The cost of the course is made up of registration with a college and course ,please phone for pricing

    Btec 2

    A course completed over weeks or 6 months, btec 2 is for anyone from the age of 17 or from learning to drive, The course is done through email and a 2hr 30min assessment at home and driving on the motorway.The cost of the course is made up of registration with a college and course cost please phone for cost .

    if taking both courses and paid up front we can reduces cost of course the college fees will still apply at the set rate from the college.

    We take credit and debit cards in car

    Payment Methods

    For your convenience we can take credit or debit cards. You can either pre-pay over the phone for lessons, or directly in the car via a chip and pin card reader terminal.

    Bank Transfer Sort 09-01-28 A/c 91081996 please put Ref:- your name

    we still take cheques they must be cleared before lesson.

    we all so take Cash

    prefer method of payment is basc or card

    Visa / maestro /solo debit cards - Free
    Visa / Mastercard credit cards  -Free