TEMPORY COVID-19 Addon TnC and HnS


1.Cancellation of lesson/s will not have the normal 48hr notice period if you have symptoms of covid-19 e.g. high temps or on-going cough or feeling unwell due to covid-19.

2. If cancelled due to above, you will not be allowed into the car for lessons for 14days (2weeks ) unless you can show email of test is clear

3. You must wash hands just before you come on lesson

4. PPE will not be supplied by driving school, you must use your own PPE only thing that will be supplied is alcohol hand wash that must be used before getting in car ( you can use your own )

5. Car will be cleaned inside before lesson e.g. anywhere we can touch so instructor will be out side 5 mins before lesson to clean car, you can come out before start of lesson if you would like to see instructor clean car.

6. Instructor will message you in the normal way at around 1hr before lesson to check you are fit for lesson.

7. Normal cancellation still applies of 48hrs for anything else and will be charged no ifs or buts at this time.

8. Please bring minimal stuff with yourself, e.g. do you need to bring your phone ? do you need to bring your keys with you ? if not leave it at home less items less chance of moving virus around.

9. If your coming from work/school if you have a bag it will need to be placed in boot of car with all your stuff .

10. All licences will need to be checked before start of lessons so you will need you to get code from DVLA and send it too me days before lesson so I can check it .

11. We will need to check your eyesight again this will be done on first lesson back.

12. We will need you to fill out the contact us page again and fill out your address in the comments box along with ticking the boxes to say you have read Tnc and cov-19 TnC