Terms and Conditions



TnC my be updated at any time please check back to see if anything has change
BY taking lesson with SDS Driving School You Hereby agree to Terms and Condition.

* All prices are per hour unless otherwise stated.

* All first bookings must be fully paid in advance of Lesson. Payment by Debit/Credit card, Bank Transfer or Cash deposit required.

*Lessons are paid in advance eg first lesson £65 plus next lesson at  £65 total first lesson cost £130 this means you are always in credit by one lesson if paying for a block of hrs when you get to your last lesson in the block next payment will be asked for.

* Minimum of 48 hrs notice of cancellation required or cancellation charge is payable. cancellation charge is £65

* More than 2 late notice cancellations/change of lesson duration or no shows will be removed from books (This may sound hard but due to the amount of pupils waiting to start I see this is the only way to help new pupils and old ) .

* lessons are booked usually a week before if lesson is booked for 2hrs and you need to change duration/time of lesson we need 48hrs notice, if 48hr notice is not given then full price charged eg. if you book at 2hrs slot and tell us you need to change to 1hr and 48hrs is not given you will be charged for the 2hrs .

* If no show for Lesson I will wait 10 min for 1hr, 20 min for 2hr then leave and full price charged.

* Block bookings are payable in advance of first Lesson.

* Refunds given on block bookings are done at a pro rate basis eg:- 10hrs booked £300.00 = to £30.00ph if you ask for refund after 6hr hr rate would be at normal rate of £65.00ph, £65.00 X 3 =£195.00 lessons taken refunded £105.00 minus admin charge at £50.00 total refund £55.00. If lessons cancelled before first lesson there will be a refund given at full price paid minus admin charge unless with in the 48hr rule of lesson, then lesson will be charged with all refunds there is a admin charge it will be £50.00. Admin charge is made up of bank charges and my time to raise refunds. When booking test time there is no refund offered due to the time that is taken for test, test time has to be paid at least one week before test. Block booked lessons must be taken in 3 months and there will be no refund after this time. Any lessons pre-paid must be taken within 2 months one off offer, hrs to be taken within 8 weeks of first lesson. Further bookings are charged at full hourly rate. Not available on gift vouchers or if test booked within 4 weeks of first lesson.

*No refund on block booking /single payments where lessons are stopped/repeatedly cancelled by client or hours not used within 3 months of first lesson of block.

*Refunds will only be paid back to person that paid for lessons and by cheque or card or bacs NO cash Refunds.

*Pupils/Customers with Kids, If asked and confirmed with instructor before lesson your kid/s will be allowed to sit in the back of car, but this will be on a lesson to lesson basis, you will need to supply a seat for your child and fit it to the car, the instructor will have the last say if kids can come and if they think the seat is not fit for purpose they will have the last say and lesson would be canceled and you will be charged for lesson, this is for everyone safety.

* If I have to cancel your lessons at late notice due to accident in prior lesson/breakdown, weather, illness, there will be NO PAYMENT CHARGED.I will how ever try my best to offer you another lesson that week.

* Driving license* customers are reminded to inform sds driving school if they received points on their license at any time from the start of their lessons if you receive points you could not be insured to drive, you are responsible to inform sds driving school. On first lesson please bring your license and NI number so we can check in car you have a valid license for the category your learning in .

* I reserve the right to refuse the use of my vehicle for practical test if I deem client unsafe or not at satisfactory standard to take practical test, all test time must be paid for the lesson the week before test. Time booked for tests are 3hrs if customer would like to have less than 3hrs please talk to your instructor who will advise you on what’s best, if you still go against your instructor’s advice with time needed we do not hold are self’s responsible for not getting to test due to traffic or other problems  

* The 3hr for test is broken down, pick up 2hrs before test, Drive to test area around 30mins depending on time of day/ road works ect, have a drive around to relax and go over anything you feel needed for around another 30 mins. then park up. for you to get out and relax more use the loo get yourself a drink if you would like at around 20 mins before test we will then driving to test center and park up around the corner from test center at around 5 mins before your test we will driving in park up and make are way in to waiting room.

* Data held by Sds Driving School from customers e.g phone numbers, emails, address, driving license details, social media messages will be held for the time you are a customer, personal information will not be given to any third parties, securely stored and disposed/erased once our business is concluded or within 12 months from last contact.

* Photos, if photos are taken at any time these will be used for promoting SDS Driving School through social media, customer will be allowed to see photos before they are posted and can ask for them not to be used or ask for them to be removed at any time. Driving license number will be blanked out if pass paper work is used.

* phones, iPads and PC are all protected by password or finger print


* CCTV, in car cameras are facing outwards there are normally two one in rear window (middle rear window) and one in front window passengers side behind instructor’s mirror. The voice record is always turned off. cctv footage is there to help in the event of a RTC, the memory card is on a permanent record it holds about 12hrs of footage. Once a week the card will be formatted to make sure card is working and data has gone. In the event of a RTC the memory card is removed and footage is taken from the card ASAP, footage is then kept for the time of claim as soon as claim is sorted footage will then be removed within 12 months.

please use contact page for more info.

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