⚠️Coronavirus Update

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We have an update that will hopefully make things good for all. So today the government / DVSA have said we can start back teaching all customers. This well now mean I can start to book you all in hopefully they have said we can start on the 4/7/20.Will I be starting then no as I said yesterday I will start a week later due to making sure I have every thing in place and you have everything in place to start, we still do not know what PPE we will need to use and from what we can work out we will know sometime from now to 2/7/20 giving us a min of 2 days to get every thing in place as you can imagine its not happening in two days, as every one will be trying to get PPE . I will start to text / fb all my old pupils first then all the new ones asking about lessons will get messages next. Please reply to messages ASAP so I can get you in the car and we can start to work towards getting you ready for test. Do we know how long the waiting list is going to be no not as yet, but I would say we will be looking again at 4 months ( 12 weeks ) this is not as long as you think but we will do every thing we can to get your test done as soon as possible.  Regards steve ( sds driving school

⚠️Coronavirus Update



at the moment we still have no date to return to work, this is not good as some types of companies can go back as of the 4/7/20 e.g. pubs / hairdressers . but DVSA are still telling us we cannot return yet as they are awaiting more info from the government . as instructors we can teach keyworks but theses keyworks should have a test booked or applied for. so, you will see instructors out on the road teaching still. and yes, I have been out as I have/ had 4 keyworks some have passed. But the main reason for the update is if we get told we can go back on the 6/7/20 I will not be going back on that day as to start with roads are going to be full and this will not help you as learner as we will more than likely sat still in traffic, the other reason is the chances are you will all or some of you will be going back to work and might not know your new shift pattens. So, if we book you all in pre part unlock and then you go to work and your boss changes your work shift as not everyone is back at work it will muck every one lessons up. So due to this and for the safety of everyone’s lessons I will delay start by a week . so every one is ready. As going from working from home to working in workplace and then having lesson on top you might not be in right state of mind as well . Due to going from nothing to full working life in less than 48hrs . so as normal I will post here or message customers in due course . if you have any Q’s drop me a message and I will answer as soon as I can.


⚠️Coronavirus Update


Due to what the Goverment has said yesturday again we are still on lock down and are still unable to start lesson for the next three weeks as and when I have more info on dates to start i will up date everyone hopefuly by start of may will will have a better idea on whats happening Regards steve


⚠️Coronavirus Update


Over the weekend I’ve spent countless hours deliberating and scrutinising all the advice given by the UK and Scottish Governments, Friends, Family and Colleagues regarding COVID-19. 👥👥

Being told to implement social distancing of two meters, this is something which isn’t possible to achieve in the car. 

It is with a heavy heart that I publicly announce that SDS Driving School will cease trading for a minimum period of two weeks. 😥

I will be in contact with all current pupils directly as well as those who are due to start lessons in the coming days. 😢

This has been an extremely difficult decision to make, however I feel our health and wellbeing comes first and as an ambassador for road safety and health towards us and others it wouldn’t be rite to continue trading in these unprecedented times. 😢

I will continue to update all pupils on the next steps on this journey we face to recovery and as always I look forward to helping you all achieve your full UK Driving Licence. 🚙

Much love to you all, stay safe and well. 

❤️Heartbroken 💔

😞 Steve 😢

when we get more info on what and when we can start lessons again I will be in touch, please if you would still like to start lesson when this is over please still use the contact us button and we will put you on this list to start as soon as we can start giving lesson .




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